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We provide you with easy-to-understand information about receiving high quality foreign language digital satellite TV and radio channels in your home inexpensively.

Hundreds of 'free-to-air' channels are available to you without paying a monthly subscription and without an expensive motorised dish system.

WLTV specialises in providing information to help people who want to receive TV channels from other countries for entertainment and information.

Satellite TV channels in Europe

People living in the UK and Europe will find a lot of our information is useful to them but the site's coverage is increasingly of interest to people in many different countries.

Satellite TV channels in the U.S. & Canada

We now have details of Arabic, Farsi / Persian and other language satellite TV channels available in North America. These channels are available free to air (FTA) and DTH (direct to your home). Some also have live streaming via the internet so that you can watch on your computer wherever you are.

Satellite TV channels in the U.S. & Canada

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Medical aid where it's needed most

Medical aid where it's needed most See it - Film it - Change it