Languages on Satellite TV

Installation of satellite dish and receiver

It is important that your installation is carried out competently. The best way of achieving this generally is to select an approved and registered member of a reputable trade body and, if possible, to get a recommendation from a friend, neighbour or work colleague.

Professional installation of satellite dish and receiver

Professional installers have sophisticated test equipment that enables them to align the dish to the satellites required position speedily. Doing it manually, or with a very basic sensing device, can take a great deal of perseverance.

If you simply want to have the dish installed quickly, safely and reliably, then your best bet is to use a professional installer who is familiar with your local conditions, is fully-insured and can be contacted if anything goes wrong later.

There are several professional trade organizations with registered membership.

Logo of CAI

CAI Confederation of Aerial Industries

The CAI has members throughout England, Scotland, and Wales who can install satellite dishes and receiving systems for home, offices, schools, etc.

The CAI website satellite dish installer search facility for your local area.

Professional satellite dish installers

World Languages TV receives numerous enquiries from people all over the UK and beyond wanting to have Astra 19.2E and Hotbird 13E satellite TV installed so that they can watch TV in their choice of language.

DIY or self-installation of a satellite dish and receiver

If you are interested in DIY installation of your satellite dish, please read this.

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