Radio in foreign languages on satellite

Hundreds of English and foreign language radio stations can be received through your digital satellite TV installation.

As well as the many international and national radio stations, some regional and very local stations can be received from far away locations.

Unlike short-wave radio, satellite radio gives excellent signal quality, including music as well as news and current affirs.

You can find examples of radio stations with excellent classical, jazz and other music available on the Astra/Hotbird satellites on our Music Radio by Satellite page.

Listening to foreign language radio can also be highly beneficial for immersion-learning and listening practice in the target language, especially as some stations offer programmes directly intended for language learners. A good example is "Langsam Gesprochene Nachrichten" (Slowly Spoken News) in German from Deutsche Welle (German Radio).

Click on a language below for further details of Radio Channels in your chosen language that you can receive from the satellites that also carry TV channels. If you are interested in a particular radio station, type part of its name into the Quick Search box above.

Most of the radio channels are transmitted "free to air" and are not encrypted. They can be received with the same equipment that you can use to receive free-to-air satellite TV. Reception coverage varies as you move away from central Europe, and depends on the satellite/s chosen but should be available throughout the UK, western & central Europe, the Mediterranean area, north Africa and bordering countries.



Medical aid where it's needed most

Medical aid where it's needed most