Terms & Conditions

1. WLTV provides you with information about free-to-air satellite TV services available to UK and othern viewers and about the installation of suitable receiving equipment.

2. If you tell WLTV that you are interested in having a digital satellite TV system installed, your details may be passed on by us to a reputable professional installer that serves your local area.

3. WLTV thus acts as a referral service and may receive a small commission from the installer for introducing you to them.

4. You then deal direct with the installer and can agree or decline to have any particular proposed installation.

5. The customer pays the installer direct and the warranty on any equipment installed is provided by the installer and the manufacturer.

6. The information that we provide is given in good faith but expressly without liability. You must use your own judgement as to whether any particular arrangement suits your needs and circumstances.

7. The information held in our database is updated from time to time from various sources but inevitably will contain some errors. It should thus be used as a general guide and not as a definitive source.

8. The programme content, hours of TV and radio transmissions, and which channels are added, moved or discontinued or become encrypted are entirely outside the control of WLTV. If any particular channel is crucial to you, please confirm before you place an order. The availability of any particular programme or channel can change without warning.

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Medical aid where it's needed most

Medical aid where it's needed most

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